The Importance of Safe Tap Water

When promoting tap water for children, we want to be confident that it is safe. The crisis in Flint, Michigan, as well as media coverage of tap water contamination incidents, highlight the fact that there are times and places when tap water is not safe. Contaminants sometimes present in source water can increase the risk of certain cancers and harm reproductive health.

Lead in drinking water is also a concern. Lead is a toxin that, even in small amounts, reduces IQ. At higher levels, it can harm reproductive and other organ health and is linked to criminality and other antisocial behavior. Most of the time, when children have elevated blood lead levels, the source was lead in dust, soil, or old paint. However, lead can be present in plumbing parts, especially older plumbing, and this lead can leach or flake into tap water. It is important to reduce all exposures to lead, including in drinking and cooking water.

Our Drinking Water

Our College provide quality tap water access. To achieve this goal we install advance water purifying machine.