Rules & Regulations for Students


  • The College Administration reserves the absolute rights to counsel, fine, warn, suspend or expel any student who violates the norms and principles of academic sancity of the College.
  • No student should leave the College Campus without permission during breaks/off periods.
  • Only English language must be used in the Campus for communication.
  • Smoking, chewing betel nuts, tobacco, spitting inside the College building and walls, possession of any addictive drugs and alcohol, beverages are strictly forbidden.
  • Distasteful appearances: punky hair cuts, earrings and necklaces(Boys), bangles (Boys), tattoos, etc. are strictly prohibited. Permission should be obtained from the Principal for religious, cultural and health reasons.
  • Any form of strike, demonstration or collective indiscipline against the College Authority is not allowed.
  • Damages caused to the College property(s) must be either replaced or repaired by the one(s) responsible.
  • Students are not allowed to take part in any outside activities which are not in the curriculum while classes is going on.
  • Possession of any sharp objects, firearms, etc. is stirictly forbidden in the campus.
  • Playing truant is strictly forbidden.
  • No mobile phone is allowed in the College Campus.


  • Boys - Black long pant with regular made.
  • Girls - Black long pant or skirt with regular made.
  • Common

i) White Shirt (Half and full sleeve with Rayburn College Logo)

ii) White Socks.

iii) Solid Black Shoes.

iv) Belts With Rayburn College Logo.

v) Solid black Sweater or Coat with Rayburn College Logo.

  • All uniforms (long pants, skirts and sweaters) are to be obtained from WETE. Uniforms from other sources will NOT be allowed.
  • No student will be admitted to the classroom and practical laboratories without full uniforms.
  • College T-Shirt must be worn only on T-Shirt days (Tuesday & Thursday).
  • B.A/B.Com students must wear white shirt with jeans pants (Blue or Black) and College T-Shirt (Black or Plain White). Shorts, sandals and slippers are strictly forbidden.

WELFARE (Condolence)

If the deceased is a student or staff of the college

i) all the students must contribute Rs. 20 for condolence


1. Practicing unfair means in any form during Examination/Test is strictly forbidden and will be dealt according to the prevailing Examination Rules.

2. Decision(s) of the College Authority over Assessment Test Examinations is final. No request to alter the result will be entertained under any circumstances.

3. There will be a Selection Examination for Class XI & XII, which is mendatory for all.

4. while class is going on. . Eligibility for Class XI & XII Final Examination will be based on the selection examination.

Attendance and Leave Permission

1. A Student with less than 75% attendance will not be allowed to sit for both Higher Secondary and Degree Examinations.

2. Student(s) absent for five consecutive days without application or prior notice to the College Authority have to meet the Dean of Attendance with their parents.

3. Student(s) absent for more than 5 consecutive days without leave application or prior notice to the College Authority cannot continue without the Principal’s permission.

4. Absent fine of Rs. 50 per day will be charged on normal days & collected every month.

5. Students who are absent on the first day of schooling will be finned Rs. 500/-