I have always believed that the price of success is hard work, perseverance and putting faith in God. Just as much as we need the will to work hard good guidance and motivation play a big role in shaping a person’s that help me personally and directing me a path to procure knowledge and skills.

Rayburn college as provided good facilities, the exceptional programs, and the teaching methodologies was excellent. I make an effort to learn the basic concepts of each of my paper, and then would turn to my class notes and the materials provided by the professors. Allocating a fix study routine and I approach the library time to time, attempting or making self notes based on the exam questions pattern enhance my knowledge and my writing skills. All these factors mentioned above have helped me to reinvent myself to be a more confident individual.

Lastly, the supportive teachers, quality education, amazing friends and the growth. I See in myself was invaluable and worthy.

10th Position in Manipur
B.A(Hons) Political Science
Examination 2019

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