God’s love, the unfailing support of my family and friends helped me preserve and commit to achieving this humble.

In the top of that, the institution paved my path easier with its dedicated lecturers and facilities such as the library, without which I doubt seeing myself where I am now. That being said, one cannot entirely depend on lecturers alone pertaining to the vast syllabus and so self-study on our past is required by referring to sources that lecturer recommended. Time management and exam analysis are key factors for exam preparation and I followed these two efficiently. I don’t have the luxury to procrastinate due to personal health problems, so I used to study well in advance and research past questions.

We all have our own battle but we shouldn’t let them be mere excuses, but rather turn them into fuel to drive us through the rough roads of life, and only then do the tasks in our own hands become easier, as was in my case. Had I given in to my battle, I don’t where I would be in life now, although I still far from where I want to be.

We must be ready to walk the extra mile when it comes to getting closer to our goals and expectations along was immense facts in God to walk us through.

Again, I am utterly grateful to the almighty for his abundant blessings And I hope you’re ready to walk the extra mile to be where you want to be.

7th Position in Manipur
B.A(Hons) Political Science
Examination 2019

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