Cindy Kimnunhoih

Rayburn College gives me so much as I recall. Someone once said,” Success is taking pride in how far you’ve come, have faith in how far you can go” I always try to carry the motto of, “Hard work is never unrewarded”. One can always do much better in life.

The sights of education are much lifted for a small hub Churachandpur. I suppose this is because of its excellent teaching faculties and the perfect coordination of all the faculties. The blood they sweat, the energy they paid, no less, I, Cindy will always carry in my footprints wherever I am.

Classrooms and the library are my study partner besides the professors. I read much outside the syllabus. Friends would tell me,” You are nowhere to be found but in the library”, which I always sit extra hours even after the classes are done.

I thank all the people whom I’ve encountered on this 3 years journey. Thankful much I am. I believe so much that Rayburn could be a market for education where the cherries bloom even when it turns a hundred years old. God bless Rayburn.


1st position in Political Science under Manipur University

Examination 2020