Brief write-up about myself :
Thari Sitkil, IRS

Additional Commissioner,Dept of Taxation, Govt. of Manipur

I was at Rayburn College for my Class 11th and 12th during 1995/1997I was pursuing Arts/Humanities I recall that we had wonderful Faculty such as Sir Mang (Geography),Sir Buhril (Sociology),Madam Clara Tombing (Eco),Madam Ngaknu (History), Madam Lily (Education), Madam Zawmi Gangte (Pol Sc), etc etc It was the initial days of Rayburn College and the Faculty and students both gave their best to elevate the status and recognition of the institution as a centre for excellence Having passed my Class 12th exam in 1997 I pursued my Bachelor of Arts (Hons in Pol Sc) from Lady Shri Ram College,Delhi University.

After graduation in 2000, i then went on to pursue Master of Arts in Pol Sc from Jawaharlal Nehru University which I completed in 2002. Then, i completed my Master in Philosophy at the Centre of Canadian Studies,Jawaharlal Nehru University in 2005.

By December 2005,I taught under graduate students at Dyal Singh College,Delhi University as an Assistant Professor. After a stint in academics, I prepared myself for the Civil Services. By the grace of Almighty, I was selected for the Indian Revenue Service in 2010. I was posted in Faridabad and Delhi Since Aug 2017, I have been in Manipur on deputation I currently hold the charge of Additional Commissioner,Dept of Taxation,Govt. of Manipur. It is a privilege to be an alumni of Rayburn College I thank Madam Dr Ching for reaching out to me Thank you all



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Thari Sitkil