Courses Offered

The College offers Arts, Commerce and Science in the Higher Secondary standard and Bachelor of Commerce (Semester Course), Bachelor of Arts (Semester Course) in the Three Year Degree Courses.
      (A) Compulsory subjects for Class XI/XII (Arts, Commerce and Science)
             (i)  English (ii) Alternative English or MIL - (Paite/Zou/Hmar/Mizo/Thadou-Kuki/Vaiphei/Hindi/Kom)
      (B) Subject Combination:
I.  Arts: (Option - I)                                      (Option - II)
            (i)  History (ii) Political Science          (i) History (ii)Political Science
            (iii)  Geography (iv) Psychology        (iii)Geography (iv)Sociology
II. Commerce:
            (i) Accountancy (ii) Business Studies (iii) Economics (iv) Mathematics
III. Science:
            (i) Physics         (ii) Chemistry           (iii) Biology (iv) Mathematics
BACHELOR OF ARTS (B.A.) :The Academic Session of Three Years was divided into Sixth Semesters, in which one Semester is constituted by Sixth Months. Final examination will be held by the end of each Semester.
I. B.A. - 1st Semester:
            (i) Student will choose 3 elective subject and either Language paper(MIL) or General English.
            (ii) Students can choose any one of the following options on the availability of seat in the group/category.
     Group-A                                             Group-B                                        Group-C
Political Science paper -I                  Political Science paper -I                Political Science paper-I
Sociology paper -I                             History paper -I                              Sociology paper -I
Geography paper -I                          Elective English paper -I                 History paper -I
MIL/General English paper -I           MIL/General English paper -I          MIL/General English paper -I
B. 5th Semester/Honours Course: The College has provided  the following  Honours Courses in B.A. starting from the 5th Semester in Political Science, History, Geography , English  and B.Com (Honours).
NOTE:  Not withstanding anything contained in the above clauses, a students must complete the course within a continuous span of Ten Semester from his/her initial admission.